Mobile Privacy and Security for an Ageing Population:

Workshop at MobileHCI 2018: September 3 Barcelona, Spain

*Provisional* Workshop Schedule

September 3 2018 in Barcelona, Spain

9:30-9:40am: Welcome, introduction to the organizers, and overview of the schedule

9:40-10:30am: Introductions. 5-minute presentation of papers, posters or demos

10:30-11:00 am: Coffee break 1 and demos

11:00-12:10pm: Identification of key security and privacy challenges using the Open Spaces format

12:10-12:30pm: Initial presentations to include 2-min lightning talks based on their group discussions plus discussion

12:30-1:30pm: Lunch break (provided by the workshop)

1:30-3:00pm: Rotation of challenges to different groups. Groups discuss possible directions for their new challenges using Six Thinking Hats. Feedback to the wider group.

3:00-3:30pm: Coffee break 2 and demos

3:30-4:45pm: Discussion of approaches to key challenges and ranking of the identified challenges using Diamond Rankings. Discussion on possible future research directions and collaborations

4:45-5:00pm: Wrap up including next steps

6:30pm-8:30pm: Informal dinner (funded by the cSALSA project) in a nearby restaurant where discussions can continue